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How to Find Best Towing Service in Edmonton?

While we all wish to travel conveniently and plan it to perfection and take every precaution to make sure the road trips are smooth, but that never really happens. We have all been through those moments when our car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and we are stuck in a situation where we require quick towing assistance. Well in situations like these all you need to have been the contact number of towing services providers handy. Kates Towing Edmonton offers you quick and reliable Edmonton towing services that you have always been looking for such adverse situations.  You can now travel in peace, knowing that help is just a call away. We offer you specialized towing services that are designed to enhance your experience, by providing you with 24hr/7day emergency support for car towing in Edmonton. You can reach out to us for a hassle-free assistance any time you want for getting your vehicle towed in Edmonton in case of breakdown or failure. So, in case on-site repair is not possible for your vehicle, we will provide towing facility to the nearest authorized workshop. Whether one needs roadside assistance in terms of getting your vehicle picked up to the garage or to your doorstep, we are there to assist you with our services.

We are the best towing solution providers offering solutions for any issues that one may encounter on the road. We are a company run by a team of professionals, who are well qualified automobile mechanics and experts who can help you out with any sort of car towing in Edmonton. Our specialized services include providing two-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicle towing in Edmonton which is an around the clock service for people in the city of Edmonton.  So, with us by your side you need not struggle or worry with fears of being stranded on the road with no help. With our quality services of local towing in Edmonton, we try our best to reduce the inconvenience caused by car breakdowns and failure of your vehicle by transporting it to the nearest garage or your home. Our Edmonton towing services helps you anywhere anytime no matter what the situation maybe.

Types of towing services offered.

Accidental towing –

In case your vehicle has met with an accident is immobilized, we can quickly come to the spot and get to towed for you. Often the vehicle is unable to be mobilized following a road traffic accident. This is when professionals like us step in to clear the site by towing the vehicle away. We have the skills and experience of towing vehicles from the accidental spot to the nearby garage for our client’s. just give us a call on our helpline number and we shall send you the required help immediately. At Kates towing we do not just offer quick services but also provide cheap towing services in Edmonton

Flat tire towing- In case you face a problem of a flat tire and wish to transport your vehicle to the nearest workshop or garage, we can help you with our Edmonton towing services. Just give us a call and we will come to the site to help you out. Within no time you can get the vehicle to the workshop or your home.  So, whether you are on the road, a parking lot or driveway, if you need the assistance of local towing in Edmonton we are here to help you with affordable services.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing is a kind of service that helps towing of vehicle from point A to point B. This kind of towing usually involves a specialized truck that has a flatbed within the rear. Flatbed tow trucks acquire their name from their flat bed flat which makes it a favourable choice for a safe and secure tow. These services of Flatbed towing in Edmonton provides extreme accident recovery and vehicle transportation when necessary. The long truck bed provides the space that is required to efficiently tow multiple vehicles simultaneously in instances where multiple cars breakdown, or there is an accident of two or more vehicles. In such cases, flatbed towing in Edmonton is considered the cost-efficient towing approach. The truck’s flatbed is designed to roll back in an angle that allows the vehicle to either drive directly on to the bed on its own effortlessly or to be winched up. It allows for the vehicle to be lifted entirely off of the ground, without the risk of any wear or tear which could probably occur through other towing techniques. After the vehicle has been loaded, the bed will roll back to its resting position horizontally to the ground level while the vehicle is secured and is ready to be towed to its desired destination. We have a fleet of flatbed Edmonton tow trucks that enables us to provided services quickly and efficiently as compared to any service provider.

Hydraulic Under Lifting towing services

Our range of vehicle lifting tow trucks in Edmonton are widely used for the sleek movement of vehicles from one destination to another. These car towing Edmonton is used in an accident for moving accident vehicle from one place to another without causing any further damage to it. These vehicles use hydraulic system to lift the damaged vehicle and tow them to the desired destination. Unlike the flatbed towing trucks, these towing trucks chain the vehicle to be towed at the back of their truck on to the hydraulics and tow them to the desired location.

Two-wheeler and four-wheeler towing services

Be it your bike or car that is immobilized due to sudden breakdown or accident we reach to the site of the incident location and help you by towing the vehicle to the nearest garage. we offer quick professional services of Edmonton towing at very reasonable price. Not just that we also tow light duty vehicles as well if required in special cases. Just give us a call and we will reach to the said location in no time. we are there 24/7 to help you with exception vehicle towing services in Edmonton.

Benefits of Edmonton towing services

Quick towing services –

Kates towing offers quick Edmonton towing services in the city.  Simply call us on our helpline number and we shall send you help immediately. We have a team of towing expert Edmonton and a fleet of towing trucks that facilitates quick and easy towing. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing efficient services.

Available 24/7 for towing services- 

We are available at your service 24/7. No matter what time it is and wherever you are, we shall help you with our services. Give us a call anytime of the day and we shall be there to answer your call and give you the required help. Specialty of our services is that we are open to catering you with the best towing solution anytime of the day wherever you are. All you need to do is give us a call and our experts will reach the spot in no time.

Professional towing services-

We are a team of well-trained professionals who have the experience and expertise of providing you a hassle-free cheap towing services in Edmonton. We are quick with our services and ensure that our clients never feel the inconvenience. Our friendly staff will reach out to you at the said site and help you get your vehicle towed out safely without any further damages. We are known to be providing the best towing in Edmonton which seconds to none in the industry.

 Affordable tow truck Edmonton services rates-

We offer services of car towing in Edmonton at very reasonable price. Our services offered are not just quick and reliable but also quite reasonable when compared to other service providers. Not just that, we do not compromise on the quality of services based on its affordability. We ensure to provide a complete hassle-free service that ensures no damage is caused to the vehicle when towing them to the desired location.  So, in case of an emergency do give us a call next time and experience our flawless services.

Reliable towing service in and around the city of Edmonton

Kates Towing is a professional towing service provider offering efficient towing services in Edmonton.  When it comes to towing of your damaged vehicle, we can be your most trusted partners for the job. Combining our experience expertise and skills of working in this industry for years we have what it takes to get the job done efficiently without any trouble. With us by your side, you need not worry about the vehicle being transported from one destination to another. We will get it done for you easily without causing any damage to it. Our team of professionals are experts in managing vehicles and getting it transported from one place to another. So, be rest assured that you will get your vehicles transferred to the said location safely. Stop worrying about being embarrassed because you need car towing. You’ve found a female-owned towing company in Edmonton that knows what it’s like to get bad service – and we’re here to make sure it never happens to you again. Unmatched Towing & Emergency Roadside Assists You may find the cheapest prices with those corporate uniformed guys, but for all their flash and flair they fall well short of taking care of you like I will. Affordable towing in Edmonton might seem attractive at first, but do you really want to trust your vehicle and the safety of your family to the lowest bidder?

With Kate’s Towing, we promise to deliver on our guarantee of quality, careful towing services in Edmonton that you cannot find anywhere else.  With Kate’s Towing, my family takes care of your family:

  • Headache free towing
  • Fast 24-Hour Response
  • Careful Handling of Your Car
  • Help For Your Stranded Family
  • Any Vehicle, Any Where
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Respectful Crews
  • Cutting Edge Tools & Trucks

We don’t just provide towing in Edmonton; we’re redefining the way towing is done to ensure that you can still find a personal & pleasurable response when you need towing and emergency roadside assistance. Redefining Towing in Edmonton When your car breaks down or you need emergency roadside assistance it’s the worst type of inconvenience – and it’s embarrassing! When you have your family in the car and errands to run, you need service fast. Not to mention your other concerns:

  • Will the Edmonton Towing Company Treat Me with Respect?
  • How Will the Tow Truck Driver Treat My Car?
  • What Do I Do with My Family While I Get My Car Towed?
  • Will I Have to Wait Forever?
  • Will This Towing Company Charge Me A Lot on the Spot?
  • Will They Be Rude Because I Only Need Tire Changing Services?


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