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There are a lot of towing companies in Edmonton, and they all offer very similar services - but do they "get you?" Do they understand you and your needs or do they just want to throw a hook under your car and drag you down the road for the money? Your experience with Kate's Towing is different, because you're not dealing with some greasy uniformed technicians that don't care about your car. You're working with me and my family.
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Why Kate's Towing

I started this company for a very important reason; when I had car trouble in the past and I needed emergency towing in Edmonton, I -always- had to deal with disconnected (and often rude) technicians that didn't care about me, my car or the fact that my family was stranded.
When I realized that no towing company in Edmonton would ever change to meet the needs of locals (especially female drivers -and we make up the majority of local daytime drivers in Edmonton) I decided to change the way local, long distance and flatbed towing was done.

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Our Skills

Headache free towing 100%
Fast 24 Hour Response 95%
Any Vehicle, Any Where 90%
Careful Handling of Your Car 100%
Professional & friendly 90%

The towing service par excellence – Right here in Edmonton!

Kates Towing is locally owned and operated in the Edmonton area. The towing company has rich experience of 15 years in providing towing and other allied services to its clients. Our technicians in the Edmonton area have provided multiple services like roadside assistance, on and off road towing, light duty towing to a multitude of customers. We have this reliable technician team which can help you out of the toughest of situations that you may face with your vehicle both on and off-road.

Here is a quick summary on why you should hire the Kates Towing company:

  • Think of the towing and recovery service in Edmonton and we have it.
  • We work on quick response initiatives with the most customer friendly support systems.
  • Our state of the art towing equipment and the fleet of tow trucks is well maintained.
  • A dedicated staff and team of technicians is available 24 X 7 to deal with the toughest of tow requirements.
  • Our rates are the most competitive in the Edmonton area and our services prove to be very cost effective for the clients.
  • We continuously strive to improve our services based on the feedbacks and interactions with the clients.

Team initiatives: Kates Towing Edmonton has grown from strength to strength over the years. The hallmark of our service has been the quick response initiatives. Our staff and team of technicians own the problem as their own and do not relent till they have given comfort to the client by their actions. The team believes in responding with the right equipment and trained personnel to get the job done. We take pride at being the best of the towing companies in the Edmonton area with the right equipment, knowledge and properly trained personnel to handle all types of auto towing situations.

Edmonton Towing Service4Dedicated service: In case you meet with an accident and are fortunate enough that no one has got an injury, you can take support from Kates Towing service. Our staff would help you with the estimated time of arrival of the tow vehicle with the technicians. You can get your location figured by getting an address or street name of the nearest intersection. While out team arrives you can decide where the car towing team would take it to. You can also avail of the 24-hour road assistance service to store the vehicle for your insurance company.

Variety of services: You can think of the towing and recovery service and you will find it available at the Kates Towing company. Whether you want a flatbed towing or want a fuel delivery for your automobile, you will get it. We can also load and unload the car into or off from the trucks for transportation. Even if you are stuck up and want your motorcycle to be towed it is all possible through our towing service. Light duty towing is our specialty. We have a very well organized fleet of towing trucks for such heavy work. Thus, we carry out the semi-truck towing and recovery vehicle towing services also. Our light duty drivers undergo rigorous training to handle typical situations. You can be assured that the team will deal with your problem promptly and with the greatest care, regardless of the incident.

Continuous improvement: Kates Towing company has been able to earn a reputation for being dependable, trustworthy, and a reliable transportation and storage facility in the city of Edmonton. This has been possible through customer interaction, feedback analysis, and improvements over a period of time. We invite critical feedback from our customers as it provides us with a chance to improve our services.

Competitive rates: We also believe in providing towing service at optimum rates. You will find out towing rates to be very competitive. You can have your peace of mind once you entrust the job to us. At the completion of the service, you will find that you have got a cheap towing option by placing the order on us. This happens because your automobile is delivered to the destination in a very good shape and without any further damages. Our towing truck team takes care of your automobile as its baby.

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